Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cheap Hotels Central London

Cheap hotels central london - Well, today I went on a trip around town working on another project with Ramada Hotel. Although, they don't currently have a hotel in Leicester square area, they boast one of the most affordable hotels in the city. Some of their biggest hotels are on the outskirts of town like Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Their target is business travellers and big earner holiday makers.

For most of the people who frequent this blog, they don't all fall into the business traveller type - these are ordinary holiday makers looking for good times in the city and not ready to spend hundreds on hotel rooms per night.What they are need is Cheap Hotel Deals which I blog about a few days ago.

However, the good news for us is that some of the smaller independent shops as well as theatres in the Leicester square area have been adding their names to our growing list of cheap hotels central London

Ofcourse, this means that anyone looking for Leicester square hotels will definitely find them. As always,
 our aim is to save on hotel rates. One way that most people can save money is by sharing rooms with fellow travellers.
Team up with someone and book double rooms that way up to 3 people can share the cost of the hotel. I've done it 
myself and know how cool it feels when you are able to save money on hotels - but make sure you know who you are potentially sharing with.

That is is for today, like I said last time, the list of our recommended hotels in the Leicester square area will be posted along with good cheap hotel deals.