Sunday, 3 June 2012

Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel

Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel - Since the last time I wrote about some of the best hotels in the Leicester Square area, I knew I was missing one other hotel in the city. Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel is by far one of the most beautiful and top-rated hotels in the world.

For those who are frequent travelers out there, this is sure to be a name they are used to. Along with Leicester square hotels, this one is also located in the very heart of Soho. You are almost always within 2 minutes walking distance from all the theatres and live shows around the West End.

It is also a stones throw away from the Charing Cross hotel by the Charing Cross train and underground stations. It is st No: 3 St. Martin's Street. Just across the road from the very popular Trafalgar Square. In fact, will be looking into the square from one of the many rooms with a balcony.

Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel was renovated not long ago so expect to find most of the grand interiors to be clean and new. The main entrance has a huge chandelier that illuminates the bar and reception area.

On thing though, there seems to be issues with outside lights getting through to the rooms. There's no way to completely block out the lights no matter how hard you try. But what you can do however, it to ask at the reception for a change of window curtains. I'm very sure the nice and friendly staff at this Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel won't mind that.

We totally enjoyed our stay at this hotels and could not believe how relatively affordable it was. If you do a search for  Cheap Hotel Deals,  I'm sure it should be one of the hotels to come up. They are always doing deals to encourage more people to stay and enjoy their time at the hotel.

One thing I've also learned over the years in my travels, is that it really pays to give feedback. You could do  it at the desk, write or ring them up to say what your experience was. If you are lucky you could even get something thrown in for you. I'm not saying that is what they do, but only just suggesting.

Finally, be sure to book early to avoid any disappointment as this time of the year - with the London Olympics just around the corner, most of the top hotels are in overdrive. Other than that Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel is one great hotel.